On holiday all offices are closed. The day before holiday is a short day, and offices are getting closed three hours earlier.

  January 1-6    New Year holidays. The most popular holiday in Russia. Russians make presents to each other. Celebrate at night from December 31 up to January 1 morning.

   Attention! In 2006 New Year holidays will last from December, 31 to January, 8. January, 9 is a working day.

  January 7    Russian Orthodox Christmas
  February 23    The Motherland Defender's Day. Former Soviet Army Day. Women make presents to men.
  March 8    International Women's Day. Don't forget to make a present (flowers) to women
  April-May    Easter (floating date)
       in 2005 - May 1
       in 2006 - April 23
       in 2007 - April 8
       in 2008 - April 27
       in 2009 - April 20
       in 2010 - April 4
  May 1    Labour Day
  May 9    Victory Day. Russians celebrate Victory in in World War II (1941-1945).
  June 12    Russia Day or Independence Day
  November 4    Day of People's Unity